TeleComputing acquires Gothenburg company Advance

TeleComputing Sweden AB ("TeleComputing”) has entered into an agreement to buy the Gothenburg-based company HC Advance Group AB ("Advance”), a rapidly-growing IT company that supplies IT operations services for customers in the health and care sector and the SMB market.

Advance is a rapidly-growing IT operations company based in West Sweden, which since its start in 2001 has developed into a successful IT operations supplier with specialist knowledge of IT in the health sector. In addition, the company offers highly attractive solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.

The planned acquisition means that the companies will be merged to form a single company under the trademark TeleComputing Sweden AB, with Urban Berlinde as CEO. Following the merger, the TeleComputing group will have a staff of around 1,000, of whom more than half are based in Sweden. The customer base will comprise about 1,300 customers. The TeleComputing group's owner, IK Investment Partners, envisages large-scale advantages when the organisations merge. It will create a clearer presence in West Sweden and the company will strengthen its position within the health sector.

"We have a similar culture and fit well together," says Urban Berlinde, CEO, TeleComputing Sweden AB. "Advance's market presence and expertise within the health and care sector and among small and medium-sized companies in Sweden will be a very valuable addition for us. At the same time, Advance's customers can take advantage of a broader portfolio of services.

"This will benefit our customers. Our merged organisations will achieve economies of scale and closer proximity to the market. We will have better opportunities to develop new, exciting services within both SMB and the health sector," says Johan Lindqvist, CEO, Advance.

"This agreement is of major strategic value," says Sven Tore Kaasa, CEO of TeleComputing. "As well as additional expertise, technical platforms and geographical expansion, this also demonstrates our owner's desire to develop TeleComputing."

The transaction is subject to legal and regulatory approval.

For further information, please contact:
Sven Tore Kaasa, CEO TeleComputing AS
Tel.: +46 708 965 027