Managed Client

TeleComputing Managed Client is a service which provide you and your company with functions and tools for increased control, flexibility, quality and security related to your total IT needs.

Managed Client represents the best of two worlds; you obtain all the benefits of centralized IT operation, at the same time you have complete freedom and control of the software and documents on your local PC. You can easily control whether your employees should have the opportunity to install and personalize software on their local PC. At the same time each user has access to all software and e-mail on the central IT operation platform. The user can work with documents on the local PC without an internet connection. Each time the user connects to the internet – no matter where they are – documents and e-mail are synchronized. Managed Client ensures that your employees can enjoy full freedom in their work, and at the same time it enables you to manage their IT access rights, software distribution and upgrades.

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