By outsourcing IT you only pay for the functionality you need, and utilize the company’s resources so your company can focus on what is does best. Leave the IT operation to someone who only works with IT.

If you are planning to outsource your IT operation, you need a partner you can trust. You should leave the IT operation of your company’s critical support functions to someone who has long experience and is properly equipped to address your requirements both now and in the future. The chosen partner shouldn’t only manage the IT operation, but also contribute to long-term development and improvement. This co-operation should be simple, flexible and you should always feel that your company is important and enjoy a high priority.

Scalable IT – predictable costs

You IT costs are predictable when you outsource your IT to us. We can, in advance, tell you what your IT functionality costs per user, per month. And you only pay for what you actually use. This means that you are better prepared during changing economic market conditions. In addition, you avoid capital expenditure related to new technology. Many of our customers have reduced their total IT operation costs by 15-40 %.

New technology and functionality

Different companies have different needs. TeleComputing helps companies by making their IT operation more efficient. We do this by assessing the company’s present situation as well as considering its future goals and needs. We offer different levels of outsourcing, ranging for operation support and hosting, to centralized IT operation and management of complete IT systems.

With centralized IT systems, many new and demanding programs can be launched without having to buy new PC’s and servers or having to make local upgrades. All necessary changes are carried out centrally and the required computer capacity is made available in a data centre. The company can make detailed plans regarding when changes should take place and what access rights the different IT users should have.

Support and security

Local IT operation requires a great deal of physical presence from personnel with internal and external competence. How do you handle upgrades, computer virus attacks, backup or extraordinary incidents after working hours? TeleComputing can offer professional support 24 hours a day and end-user support directly on the computer screen.

Security today is often delegated to the individual PC, which means that the biggest security risk resides with the PC user. With a centralized solution, it is easier to maintain an appropriate security level against unauthorized login attempts, computer virus, secure communications lines, automatic backup as well risk of data loss in a fire or related to theft.

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