Professional IT operations are complicated. Not only do they require major investment for procurement, maintenance, training, upgrades and support - they also tie up resources in the business and make you vulnerable when key personnel leave or become ill.

That's why TeleComputing has handled IT operations on behalf of small and medium enterprises in the Nordic region for almost 20 years. Since 1997, long before most people even had an inkling what the cloud was, we have been putting our slogan into practice for an increasing number of Nordic companies and organisations:

Making IT easier

Why choose us?

The 15th July Microsoft will stop all support on Windows Server 2003. Does your business make use of this solution? If that is the case, what is your plan ahead?

What does this imply and what will it mean for you? 


Read how the career development has been for Magnus Jakobsen and other employees in TeleComputing. 


Running your own IT systems including servers, infrastructure and everything else associated with them is costly, inefficient and old-fashioned. What we mean by that is that IT has now become so complex and business-critical that unless it gives you a significant competitive advantage, you have a lot to gain from using a specialist instead. 

With an IT solution from TeleComputing, you are guaranteed to always have the best solution for precisely your needs. You make no investment yourself and face no unexpected expenses - instead you benefit from the Nordic region's leading team in the field of professional cloud computing services. Simple as that. 


It's smart to hand over your IT operations to us. All our solutions are flexible and independent. You can freely scale up or down in relation to personnel, and you only pay for what you use. We tailor and customise solutions to what you already have, such as Office 365, CRM or ERP systems. 

We are currently responsible for the operation of approximately 2400 applications and manage everything from local operational support to centralised IT operations and complete IT systems. All you have to do is get in touch with us and we'll find out together which solution is the smartest for you.


TeleComputing is the true child of the innovative and revolutionary era when the Internet turned every business model on its head. For most people at the time, our idea of managing companies' IT operations via the Internet was more or less science fiction.

Hindsight has shown how visionary we were. Since we were the first to offer ASP services (Application Service Provider) to businesses in 1997, we have established ourselves as the Nordic specialists in professional cloud services.


At TeleComputing we're always looking for like-minded individuals. People who share our enthusiasm for cloud services, who want to help push boundaries and set standards for IT operations of the future so that we can deliver the best user experience possible to ever more business in the Nordic region!

In return, we promise great opportunities for self-development as part of the leading professional team in cloud services in the Nordic region. We guarantee a stimulating and exciting working day alongside talented and dedicated colleagues, as well as fantastic opportunities for progression internally.