Management & Board

Sven Tore Kaasa

CEO & Acting MD TeleComputing Sweden AB

Sven Tore Kaasa is the CEO of TeleComputing AS. Sven Tore has with considerable success led the growth and increase of turnover in TeleComputing the recent years. Sven Tore was hired by TeleComputing Norway in 1999. He has a background as a sales director and as a board member of TeleComputing AS.

Urban Berlinde

Managing director - Kentor

Urban Berlinde is the Managing Director of Kentor, a Swedish IT company acquired by TeleComputing on 8th February 2007. Urban has been employed by Kentor since 1998 and has previously held different leading positions in the IT industry. Urban has a degree in Business Studies and system Science from Uppsala University in Sweden.

Jone H. Simonsen

Cheif Security Officer

Joined TeleComputing in 2005 (acquisition of IT Broker)

Experience from several IT operations positions in WM-Data, Bjørge, Client Computing and latest Operations Manager at IT Broker. Extensive experience in supporting the oil & gas industry. A number of relevant IT Certifications

Kjetil Haukås


Kjetil Haukås was appointed Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in TeleComputing on July 1st 2009. Kjetil was previously CFO in NetCom AS and TeliaSonera Mobility Services Norway where he has worked since 2005. Kjetil educational background includes an M. Sc. in Economics and Business Administration from Norges Handelshøyskole (NHH) and later MBA in Finance, as well as an Authorised Financial Analyst (AFA) course at NHH. 

Kjell Tore Espeseth


Kjell Tore Espeseth joined TeleComputing in 2000. His considerable experience include IT Management and Engineering positions in Statoil, Bergen Data Consulting, Alcatel Business Systems and Emma EDB. Kjell Tore has a Business degree from Norwegian School of Mgt. (BI) and B.Sc. in Control Engineering.

Peter Sunde

Chairman of the Board

Peter Sunde is partner in Ferd Capital. He was previously Senior Vice President Mergers & Acquisitions in Telenor ASA, Director Mergers & Acquisitions in Andersen Global Corporate Finance and Vice President Corporate Financial Planning and Control in Saga Petroleum ASA.

Dagfinn Teigland

Board member

Dagfinn Teigland is the Investment Manager of Ferd Capital. He was previously a consultant at McKinsey & Co.

Terje Bjørnstadjordet

Board member

Terje Bjørnstadjordet is a partner and advisor in Temalogic AB. He has extensive experience in technology and businessdevelopment, and has also been CIO and part of the corporate management of Hakon Gruppen and ICA AB Nordic region.

Anna Drakou

Employee representative TeleComputing Sweden

Helge Abrahamsen

Employee representative TeleComputing Norway

Malin Anulf

Employee representative Kentor

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